Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get PPR?

PPR must be obtained from Highland Council either by email  - info.aerodromes@highland.gov.uk or by phone 01349 886606.

Where can I find out about landing & parking fees?

Landing & parking fees are payable directly to the Highland Council - click here

How do I contact Tain Air Weapons Range?

Weekdays telephone 01862 894164 before setting out for Dornoch, or departing

from the airfield. Tange Range frequency is 122.750. 

Are there toilets at the airfield?

Alas, No!

Is there anywhere to buy food and drink at the airfield?

I'm afraid not! However, if I'm at the airfield you'll always get a cuppa. If my wife and son are also there you might get a bacon buttie, a slice of pizza, that sort of thing - all donations appreciated!

How long does it take to walk into the town?

About 15 minutes. There's lots of nice places to eat, drink and shop!

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